4 breastfeeding positions !

4 breastfeeding positions !

1. Cradle position : 

It’s the most common breastfeeding position. In its position, you are sitting down in a comfortable siege which support you. Your baby is fully turn to you.


2. Slid-lying position :

In this position, you two extend on the side, in the face of the other. Support baby with your hand or your arm for that baby stay close to you. It’s the ideal position for nocturnal feeds.


3. Clutch position :

Baby is positioned in your side. He/her supports by a nursing pillow at breast height and by your arm which helps him/her to breastfeed.


4.  Biological Nurturing Position :

It’s a natural position to breastfeed baby. You lie back in a reclined position. Baby is in your stomach to breastfeed.


Some advices to breastfeed baby :

Support your breast: a breastfeeding mother often feels that her breast is heavier because they are full of milk. You can support your breast to help baby to breastfeed.

Support your baby: Make sure your baby is comfortable and safe for breastfeed. With your hand or arm, hold its head in place. You can also use a nursing pillow or a pillow on you lap to raise the baby.

Baby position: positioned baby heads in a back slight extension, in this position, baby can breastfeed easier and more efficiently.