Behind the label


Committed to Care

We are committed to sustainable practices that are good for our customers and for the planet. Here in Brest, we’re directly connected to the ocean – our coastal views are a daily reminder of the urgent need for responsible action.

Since 2008, we’ve been providing quality products that can be kept for years and years, reducing the waste that winds up in landfills.

Our company is Oeko Tex 100 certified, meeting the strictest standards for textile quality insurance.

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Committed to Innovation

We choose fabrics and materials that are ethically and sustainably produced, and we are constantly looking for new fabric technology and innovative solutions that:

  • Adapt to accommodate the changing bodies of new moms
  • Provide improved comfort, or offer new ways to make comfort beautiful
  • Withstand wear, stains, and a lot of love and snuggles with ease
  • Are ecologically responsible (like GOTS certified organic cotton or recycled fiber jersey)

Committed to Quality

Each Cache Cœur piece is designed and developed in-house, with the attentive care and textile expertise of our founders.

  • 100% In House Design: We choose all of our own fabric, design, sew, and refine each garment until we reach perfection.
  • No Intermediary: So we can offer premium quality at accessible prices direct to our customers.
  • Zero Waste: We don’t destroy unsold product or waste materials.

Our bolas and accessories are made with the same quality and sourcing requirements.

Committed to Best Possible Practices

We always deliver on our promise to provide customers with quality lingerie that will last. To do so, we must balance our eco-responsible goal to keep production as close to home as possible with our customer-commitment goal to find the absolute best thread and production techniques available.

For us, this balance means keeping the majority of our production in Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, and France, while our seamless lines are manufactured in small quantity, family owned workshops in Thailand.



Whether you browse our site from across the sea or pass through the door of one of our retailers, you are invited into a French tradition of design alive right here in Brest.

Every bra, nightie, swimsuit, or dress is imagined by Audrey and guided to excellence by our little team and the faithful workshops with whom we work.

When you shop with us, you become part of our story, and the long-standing tradition of French corsetry behind it.