Alyson testing mom !

Alyson testing mom !

Discover Alyson’s Curve experience, she gave birth on July the 10th 2017 and started testing Curve nursing pads on august the 2nd 2017.

What other nursing pads brands have you used?

“I tried the Nuk disposable nursing pads, they aren’t really sticky and don’t hold in place very well in the bra, they’re not really discreet.  But they are practical for a night use and can be sticked to the pajamas”


And what is your experience with Curve nursing pads?

“They are esthetic, discreet and can be perfectly adapted to your breast shape, they are comfortable and ultra-absorbent (they absorb low milk flows and larger ones). There is no residue on the spacer’s surface. The only negative point is that for a night use you need to wear a bralette, whereas the disposable one can be worn stacked to pajamas”.


How do you use your Curve washable nursing pads?

“I change my pair of pads one a day and I keep my night pair all night long. 2 months later, I started rotating between nursing and bay bottling; I kept then my pair all day long”.


How do you take care of your Curve washable nursing pads?

“I hand wash and machine spin them and air dry them. Once a week, I wash my Curve nursing pads on a hot machine cycle. After two months of use and multiple washes, the pads stay in place and are not damage; they are made with really good quality”.