How to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones?

How to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones?

The announcement of your pregnancy is very important for your family. You will remember this special moment for years. The excitement will be the same whether you have to reveal it to the dad-to-be or to the future grandparents.

There are many ways to announce the addition of a new member to the family. Here are the most original ones, or at least the ones which had us moved or entertained!


Announcing your pregnancy to the future dad

Most of the time, the second person informed of a pregnancy is the dad-to-be. This special moment when you deliver the great news to your other half is more than often full of joy and emotion. This is why more and more women try and announce it in the most original way, making it even more unforgettable and surprising for their companion.

Here a few original ways to reveal your pregnancy to the father-to-be:


If he has a sweet tooth

If the dad-to-be has a thing for sugar, surprise him with a… Kinder surprise egg! You can offer your man one of these candies after hiding a small clue in it: it could be a pacifier, tiny baby shoes or a lovely note. Choice is yours! Make sure to put the egg back in its packaging to make it look brand new.

If he is not fond of chocolate, take him out to a restaurant you both like. Before you get there, secretly let the staff know about your plans and make them your accomplices. For example by asking them if they can replace your other half’s order with a baby food jar.

You could also have the chef add a note on their plate, like in this video: watch the video.


Make the announcement at home

Take advantage of your man’s showers to reveal him your pregnancy using the bathroom mirror. If the mirror is fogged, write a few lovely words. If it is not, use one of your lipsticks instead. This is something he will not forget!

Another option is to write your message on a plate. Then cover it with a piece of his favorite cake (if he asks in what the honor is, remind him that love is made of small things). After finishing his cake, the great news will appear! This trick also works with a cup of coffee or tea.

Here are the greatest pregnancy announcements ever:


Bringing the news to the future grandparents

Now that the father-to-be has been duly informed, time has come to move on to the next step: the future grandparents! Whether it is your first or second child, this great news will definitely enchant your parents. This also gives you another opportunity to show your creativity.

For example, do you like to offer scratch tickets to your relatives? This could be a very original way to let them know about your pregnancy. Watch the video.

Your whole family is gathered for a meal? That sounds like the perfect opportunity to insert a picture of your last echography in a menu or a vacation photos album? Include a pretty note announcing the birth date.

You already have a child? A cute way to announce your pregnancy could be to involve him or her in the announcement. Have him or her wear a sweater which says: “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” or “Best big borther/sister”.

There are many ways of informing your partner or parents of your pregnancy. How did you do it? What were your loved ones reactions?