Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life but it is also HARD WORK ! Not only is your body changing physically but your mind is preparing for a huge change too. Whether it is your first child or your tenth, every pregnancy should be enjoyed. Here are five simple tips to help you make the most of this exciting time :


1. Invest in yourself ! 

Do things that make you feel good like exercising, upping your water intake, and even indulging in a sweet treat here and there. Once your belly is showing be sure to start wearing clothes that accentuate your bump and make you feel beautiful.  Maintain your style while also staying comfortable in our Illusion line of products. From maternity leggings and belly support belts to a top that is perfect for nursing, the Illusion line will take you through your pregnancy and motherhood journey.


2. Educate yourself ! 

Pregnancy is the perfect time read and ask questions. You should never feel like a burden calling your doctor or asking for advice in a mom group. Whatever the issue is, surely your doctor or friend has been asked a much more uncomfortable question before !


3. Accept help ! 

The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” covers pregnancy too ! Let your friend babysit your older children, order takeout instead of cooking, or ask your toddler to pick up that item you can no longer bend over to reach. You are not weak for accepting help; you are strong for knowing what you need and when you need it. Listen to your body and let those that love you pitch in where they can. 


4. Make a plan ! 

Who will feed the dog ? Who watches your older children if you go into labor in the middle of the night ? Labor itself never follows your “birth plan” so try to plan for things you can actually control like making sure Fido’s dog bowl is full while you’re bringing your baby into this world !


5. Prepare your space ! 

Most people don't think beyond the "birth plan" and wonder to themselves “what now?” when they are back in their bed with a baby in their arms. Making sure you have everything you need for your postpartum body and lifestyle will ease your anxiety. If you plan to breastfeed there are many items you should prepare prior to labor. Have your nursing pillow, creams, and a large water bottle handy. Wash your burp cloths, nursing bras, and Curve Nursing Pads ahead of time!