Attending a wedding while being pregnant

Attending a wedding while being pregnant

As warm weathers are approaching, you surely have to live or participate to a wedding! Ready to live on of the best days of your entire life?

Every detail count, from the choice of your lingerie, bride or ceremony dress. It is important to feel at your ease and to choose comfortable clothes for these special events. memorable events.


You are: a pregnant bride

As you advance in your pregnancy stages, you’ll have to be very organized! From the choice of your shoes, dress, lingerie, party theme, photographer and make-up artist, your calendar will be fully booked!

The dress choice:

When it comes to the choice of your bride dress, we suggest you to find the dress which fit perfectly your morphology and highlight your best assets (such as your neckline for instance!). As you advance in your pregnancy, your silhouette will for sure change. For this reason, organize several adjustment appointments with your dress designer/store.

The lingerie choice:

Usually, as a bride, you are going to choose a white tone bridal dress. Therefore, to look amazing, you’ll need to choose an invisible lingerie line which remains comfortable and feminine. Nude and red tones are perfect under white clothes!

Cache Coeur suggest you to discover Lollypop maternity and nursing lingerie line, which exists in nude and grenadine/red. Its vintage bustier shape perfectly sublimates future moms breast and will match all styles of bridal dresses.

maternity and nursing lingerie line Lollypop

Also, we propose you Diamond maternity and nursing line which is available in two nude colors: ivory and nude for maximum invisibility. You’ll have a crush on its second skin effect and subtle push-up effect.

Maternity and nursing lingerie line Diamond

The shoes choice:

Going for a flat pair of shoes is very important! You’ll feel at ease all along the ceremony and also to party all night long!


You are: attending a relation’s wedding while being pregnant

If you are pregnancy and invited to somebody’s wedding, you’ll in any case look amazing with your moms-to-be silhouette! Regarding the choice of your ceremony clothes, a comfortable straight dress or jumpsuit will definitely look great on all kind of morphologies! And for the lingerie… Cache Coeur, the French maternity and nursing specialist is here to guide you!

We advise you Gloss maternity and nursing lingerie set which exist in blush and slate blue colors. True innovation jewels, it ensures perfect comfort and support up to and H cup!

maternity and nursing lingerie GLOSS


Finally, for the choice of the shoes, flat shoes will be your best ally to attend the ceremony and party all night long!