Tips for well-being and relaxation during pregnancy

Tips for well-being and relaxation during pregnancy

 Benefits from sea water

Sea water is rich in trade elements, minerals which make it a real concentrate of benefits: it is revitalising, it also soothes and beautify the skin. You can discover its virtues thanks to several ways:

  • The easiest and cheapest solution is to go to the beach and to swim in the sea! A 15min swimming exercise is enough to allow your skin to absorb the sea water benefits. We recommend that, protect your skin from the sun every time you expose your skin to the sun – and for protection from the sun, Cache Coeur propose a range of maternity swimwear made from minimum UPF50+ materials.
  • The second solution to let you discover sea water benefits is a thalassotherapy journey between your 3rd and 7th month of pregnancy. When the sea water is heated, virtues are absorbed faster. You can also have relaxing massages which create wonderful moments for your baby and you. Thalassotherapy is suitable to get rid of stress and it’s an optimal activity for the future moms who are willing to rebalance the spirit and body harmony. For a thalassotherapy day, Cache Coeur propose you the fast-drying maternity swimsuit Sunset. With its integrated bra, is the right choice for this occasion!

maternity swimsuit sunset


  • Lastly you can choose some cosmetic products made from sea water!

Yoga practice for a moving pregnancy !

Yoga is a practice that helps future moms working on different aspects like physical appearance, emotions and spiritualism. Yoga is a physical and breathing activity perfectly adapted to pregnancy. It the right solution to relax and keep in shape! We advice you to wear comfortable clothes. Cache Coeur advices the Illusion line , a 100% seamless maternity and nursing lingerie line, perfect for yoga. Our line Illusion is composed of a maternity and nursing tank top, a maternity leggings, a maternity and nursing bra, maternity shorty, and maternity belt. Its softness provide comfort and well-being all along pregnancy.

maternity nightwear


Feel comfortable… in your lingerie!

For a pregnant woman, the body change during pregnancy. Your cup size will be higher. That is why, Cache Coeur developed evolutive maternity and nursing lingerie, made from stretch and ultra-soft materials and set with 4 positions adjuster in the back and open wires for optimal comfort.  Discover Cache Coeur technical and feminine products, like Aquarelle, a maternity and nursing lingerie line full of softnesswith its floral print.

Eat healthy

Summer is the right moment to acquire good nutritional reflexes. With the sun, your senses are awakens and we tend to easily change the way we eat. Bring colors to your meals with a variety of fruits and vegetables! Do not forget to moisturize yourself!