The benefits of maternal nursing

The benefits of maternal nursing

Maternal nursing has benefits for your baby’s heath and growth and it is also good for mom.


What is maternal milk?

The precise composition of maternal milk is not set, this composition will change during all the breastfeeding stages and will adapt to your child’s needs. Maternal milk is extremely rich and has a lot of elements that are necessary for your baby’s growth: allergen free proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acid, hormones, and antibodies…for the new born, maternal milk will provide all the essential need in nutriments for the child after 6 months to 2 years old.


Maternal milk is good for your baby’s health

You have the essential nutriments needed in maternal milk. It has strong antibodies, versus commercial preparations do not have. Your child will be more resistant to infections. WHO recommend maternal breastfeeding during your child’s first 6 months. Maternal milk, has fatty acids, that are good for your baby’s brain and nervous system and will help the intellectual development. The child learns how to control its appetite when being fed, he is the one who chose to stop drinking when he is not hungry anymore. This will help him to control his weight while growing up. Maternal milk has enzymes that help digest fats and reduce the risque of intolerance, easy to drink easy to digest.


Breastfeeding is good for moms

There is a skin to skin contact between the mother and her child, the baby feels the heat, have the feeling of security with a strong link between the mother and her child. Breastfeeding help loose the weight gain during pregnancy. It can reduce the risque of breast cancer and ovary cancer.