10 advices for a successful breastfeeding

10 advices for a successful breastfeeding

Cache Cœur takes care of its future moms and that’s why we prepared you the 10 advices to consider for a successful breastfeeding.


#1 To be motivated

To breastfeed your baby well and all goes well, you need motivation. This breastfeeding must be desired. For that, you can discuss when you are pregnant with professionals and your friends who have already breastfed.



#2 Prepare well your breast

Think to take care of your breasts by choosing oily soaps to clean them. Then massage them with an oily cream or an oil to hydrate them.



#3 Breastfeed immediately after birth

Babies are often more interested and awake to drink milk in the hours following birth. Also know that the skin-to-skin triggers in the baby, the reflex to suckle. It also alows to trigger lactation in the mother.



#4 Breastfeeding technique

To a successful feed, you can first stimulate and awake his senses by taking out few drops of your milk. Then you must carry your child to your breast (and not the other way around) by supporting his neck and shoulders. If you wish to remove your baby from your breast you can carefully insert your finger at the corner of his mouth. When baby stops or slows down, you can make him burp and change breast.



#5 Find the good position

Many positions exist to breastfeed. The essence is to find the one which corresponds to you and to your baby. It’s essential for the well-being of your breasts to vary the positions.

 Some positions:

 position allaitement

                                   Rugby Position                                   Lying Position                                           Madone Position



#6 Relieve your breasts

During your breastfeeding, it’s necessary to take care of your breasts. For this, you can first drip a few drops of milk before putting baby to the breast, to relieve pressure.

If your nipples are a little swollen you can first put a cold compress, then massage carefully and take a hot shower or put a hot towel. This will help you to reduce pain if you have it.



#7 Watch your baby

To see if your baby is suckling well, watch her chin touch the breast and her lips curved outward. He must have the nipple in the mouth and a part of the areola. In short, he shouldn’t take your breast as a teat. This check is important because it helps to see if your child is feeding properly but also to prevent pain.

Know that every baby is different. Some prefer long feeds and others short feeds. You can especially check the signs of hunger: baby is looking for the breast, he puts his hands to his mouth or licks his lips.



#8 Take care of you

In order that your breastfeeding take place in the best conditions, you must think about taking care of yourself. You must think about resting, eating healthy and whole and drinking.



#9 Seek advice

If you have any questions or you need support during your breastfeeding, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional who will help you to find the solution and give you tips / advice. You can turn to paediatricians, doctors, midwives or breastfeeding associations like the leche league.



#10 Have the right equipment

To facilitate your breastfeeding, you must be well equipped. It is very important to have a nursing bra in your size and nursing pads that protect your breasts (absorbent, antiodor, antibacterial, breathable, labeled OEKO-TEX). Curve Maternity recommends its Starter Breastfeeding Kit which contains 4 washable nursing pads, a washing bag, a carry case and a padded nursing bra.

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