Breastfeeding Diet - Should I adapt everything ?

Breastfeeding Diet  - Should I adapt everything ?

You chose to breastfeed your baby? You get a lot of advices from your friends, from your family or from websites and you are lost? Don’t worry ! There isn’t big modification to make as your feeding during your pregnancy. Simply 4 rules to keep minded.


Cache Coeur enlighten you on this subject! Diet has an important role at the time of your pregnancy but also during the times when you breastfeed your baby. Your nutrition during this period impact directly the mother’s milk and his quality so the health and the development of your baby.


 1. Eat in sufficient quantity


During this period of breastfeed, you have to eat sufficiently. Your body needs more calories to offset those burned by nursing, namely approximately 500 calories. Your diet has to give you between 2 000 and 2 500 calories per day to have enough energy to the rest of the day.


However, it’s not necessary to eat for two. Organism takes in the reserves accumulated during the pregnancy to product the milk required to the nutritional needs of your baby.


Banish food restriction ! Even if the pregnancy gives you some curves, don’t try to lose weight during the breastfeeding with a low-calorie diet. You will accumulate tiredness which will not good for you and for your baby.




2. Eat balanced meals

Do you balanced your diet during your pregnancy ? Well, it’s recommend to have a varied and balanced diet. It’s good to diversify aliments and eat of each groups to the different meal of the day. (meat / fish / fruits and vegetables / dairy products / carbohydrate).

Good news ! Now, you can eat some food advise against during the pregnancy, like cheese and/or raw fish. 



3. Drink to your thirst

The link between water’s consummation and the production of milk don’t exist at this day, so the quantity of drinks ingests don’t impact the quantity of milk product.


It’s not necessary to drink more than every day when you breastfeed, however it’s recommend to drink between 1,5 L et 2L per day to be in good health. Don’t forgot to drink to your thirst and to have a water bottle with you.



4. Avoid or reduce some foods

During this period of breastfeeding, reduce the consummation of café and thé at only 2 or 3 cups per day. The caffeine presents in these drinks will ingest by your baby through the mother’s milk. Even if, it’s not harmful under 2/3 cups, this recommendation avoids baby’s irritation.


Just like the pregnancy, forgot the consummation of alcohol during all period of breastfeeding. This consummation can stunted growth in baby.



We hope that our advices are useful, and we wish you a good nursing.



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