A new prize for Curve !

A new prize for Curve !

Beginning September took place the BabyCool tradeshow at Paris. During a week-end, BabyCool regroups nursing care professionals to present innovations and novelties of tomorrow…


Babycool tradeshow

For over 10 years, Cache Coeur has been the leader of pregnancy and breastfeeding market. Our wish it’s to accompany women during breastfeeding and to make this experience unforgettable. After several years of search and development to improve pregnant and breastfeeding women during their daily life, Cache Coeur finally managed to design the first ultra-absorbent breastfeeding pad.

Our innovation

The washable breastfeeding pad is creating with materials that respect the skin and the health of women, its product is labeled Oeko-Tex so without chemicals. Materials, the shape and colors have also been thought and reflected to become invisible under a bra. Cache Coeur team made the trip from Brittany to present this innovation!

Baby Cool is an important event to introduce to distributors, journalists and influencers new products. The organizers had the wish to direct this event towards the research and the discovery of innovative products.


The Parents Award

During this weekend, parents jury composed of several influential mothers have selected in each category the most innovative product (at home, awakening and games, by car, meals, sleep, toilet / well-being, outings, textile and early childhood). After a two-minute presentation of Curve Nursing pad by a member of Cache Coeur team, they chose to give us the Parents Award!

 babycool prize

Cache Coeur team is very proud to have won the parents award for our Curve nursing pads!