Protect the breasts of moms and the buttocks of babies!

Protect the breasts of moms and the buttocks of babies!

Toxic disposable diapers: the Health Safety Agency sounds the alarm.

In 2018, the French organization “60 million consumers” reported the presence of potentially toxic residues in disposable diapers. Today, the government takes the subject and the French Health Safety Agency asks brands to take quick action to ensure the safety of their disposable diapers!

A study shows that babies’ diapers are exposed to carcinogens or endocrine disruptors throughout the day and night. Many worried or suspicious parents have now decided to turn to more natural products: washable diapers. A safer alternative for the buttocks and health of babies.


Disposable breast pads: same fight?

The potentially toxic products present in the diapers are also often the same used for the absorption of disposable nursing pads.

No alert is issued on this subject by the government. Nevertheless, to protect the breasts of the moms and avoid any irritation, the washable nursing pads seems to be a good alternative.


Curve Washable Breast Pads

The Curve washable nursing pads are Oeko-tex certified, a label that guarantees manufacturing without products harmful to health. In addition to being more respectful for the skin, washable pads are good for the planet!

On average, a woman uses 16 disposable breast pads per day, which represents a significant amount of waste. Thanks to Curve, this waste can be avoided. In addition to being responsible, ultra-absorbent and Oeko-tex, our pads are also manufactured in France. Thanks to Curve, 23 people work daily in France.


So, let's protect the buttocks of babies but also the breasts of moms using washable diapers and nursing pads which are more respectful of the skin .