Take good resolutions with Curve!

Take good resolutions with Curve!


Hi 2019! When a new year starts, people take resolutions for the year. We tell resolutions that you take with Curve in 2019.



1. Make economies


Curve revolutionizes breastfeeding and saves the planet! Choose Curve washable nursing pads, absorption and saving guaranteed. It’s the durable alternative to disposable nursing pads.

Curve nursing pads are washable (and therefore reusable). They are more economics. Washable nursing pads monetize after 1 month and 6 days of use.

2. Stop waste

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Stop wasting with Curve. Take good resolutions by stop wasting with using of disposable nursing pads. Washable nursing pads are more environmentally respectful. Think about planet and reduce your environmental impact.




Breastfeeding with disposable nursing pads in 2018 :


8 time breastfeeding / day


16 disposable pads / days


448 disposable pads / month




Breastfeeding with Curve nursing pads in 2019 :


8 time breastfeeding / day


4 washable nursing pads / days and that’s it!

3. Consume french

Made in France


With Curve, support the 100% made in France. Our team is based in France and is dedicated to offer our clients their best work. 23 people are behind Curve.





4. Forget milk leaks





Say goodbye to the stains of loss milk on your pretty t-shirts. Curve is the first efficient washable nursing pads. Our nursing pads are ultra-absorbent and designed to be 100% anti-leak. You will not think anymore to loss milk.







5. Think to yourself


 Adopt Curve and think to you. Washable nursing pads made without chemicals products to respect skin breastfeeding moms. Oeko-tex certified, Curve innovation protects your health and that of your baby.




6. Save time 

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No need to wash your nursing pads by hand, your Curve nursing pads wash and dry in a machine to make your life easier.






The Curve team wishes you a happy new year 2019!