8 Movies to watch when you are expecting

8 Movies to watch when you are expecting

Romantic, funny, dramatic or touching, this list of 8 movies are some classics you will enjoy watching or re watching during your pregnancy!

Having some spare time on your hands? Nothing is better than to wrap yourself in a blanket, in your bed and watch some feel good movies, while being pregnant. During those months, you might feel more tired than usual and this free time, from your maternity leave, is the perfect period for cocooning yourself and redo your film culture special «baby “ ! Let’s go


A series of cross-stories about pregnancy, starring five very different couples. Euphoric to know they are becoming parents, each couple has its own vision of the future. A lightweight movie to spend some good time while expecting.


« NINE MONTHS », by Patrick Braoudé

Samuel is a psychoanalyst. Each day, he has to listens to his patients, telling him their problems. Because of this, he now has a particular idea of what his fatherhood should be. This movie focuses on the anxieties a future dad might feel, especially scared of those couples bewitched by their amazing children.


« KNOCKING UP », by Judd Apatow

A one-night stand between Alison, an up-and-coming entertainment journalist, and Ben, a stoner slacker, results in an unplanned pregnancy. Deciding to keep the baby is easy for Alison; figuring out whether Ben is ready to be a dad is much tougher.


«BABY MAMA », by  Michael McCullers

Kate, a career woman with baby fever and a uterus “too hostile to have a child”, hires Angie to carry her child. Carefully constructed, the plane is smashed to smithereens when it’s revealed that Angie is pregnant - but not with Kate's baby. A comedy showing us that a great mum don’t have to be perfect.


«THE BACK UP PLAN », by Alan Poul

Zoe, a single New Yorker with family dreams, won’t let a string of bad men stop her from being a mom (you go girl!). She follows through with her back-up plan to be a mom, even without a father, only to meet Mr. Right…right after getting pregnant.


“LOOK WHO HIS TALKING”, by Amy Heckerling

A pregnant woman (Kirstie Alley), is ditched by her boyfriend - who would have been a bad husband/father in the end - on her way to the delivery room. Luckily for her, she finds love in a cab.


« LIFE AS WE KNOW IT », by Greg Berlanti

In their thirties, both blooming and singles, baby Sofia’s godfather and godmother find themselves responsible for their goddaughter after her parents’ tragic death. A touching and classic American comedy about parenting and adjusting to a life you never imagined.


« AWAY WE GO », by Sam Mendes

As soon as Verona and Burt learn that they are becoming parents, they freak out and start to question their whole life! They hate their provincial town they grew up in and go searching for the perfect place to raise their unborn child. A romantic comedy about the fears and doubts of all expecting parents.