New moms and sports

New moms and sports

Which sports can you do with your baby?

After our last article “What sports can you practice while pregnant?” we now propose you several activities for your baby and you. Today, we will discussed the latest trend, baby classes. We ay repeat ourselves again but practicing sports is good for both your health and your baby’s. Fall for the new trend, Baby Sport!

 Baby Sport


The benefits of practicing an activity with your baby.

Baby classes or baby sport are great early learning activities for your infant and his development. Those moments are the best for you two to have some fun and relax at the same time. It may also help him calming down. Also, the benefits aren’t just for your baby. It allows you to get back in shape at a gentle pace and spend some time outside of the house, with him, while meeting other moms.

Moreover, a lot of gym and studio now propose classes for moms and babies, depending his age and mobility.  They have been developed by experts and the instructors are trained professionals so you can practice any activity, in safety. 

Let your good mood and energy take over and exercise with your little one.


The different baby classes you can attend to.


This is something your baby is going to love. Yoga is a fun activity for you two and it is going to help develop his motor and balance skills by teaching him new positions through adapted exercises and massages. In the end, it will allow your baby to gain body awareness and to develop his attention. Some yoga studios propose classes for him and you. Indeed, it is a great way for moms to get back in shape after the pregnancy, reduce stress and ease the tension in the body. Yoga also encourage exchanges between new moms and their child and will strengthen the bond between the two.

Baby & Yoga



Like yoga, you can now find gyms and fitness center offering some baby gym lessons in several cities. Those gym and movement classes’ helps babies and children develop their motor skills in a fun and playful way. They learn how to coordinate their movements, develop a good sense of balance and hopefully will burn off some of these unlimited energy they seem to possess.

Gym & Baby



This is maybe the activity your baby is going to enjoy the most and will definitively entertain him. It is pretty easy to have access to those classes because several public pools propose swimmer lessons for you and your baby.  Starting 4 months old, babies can start to swim, they have reflexes. They flap their arms and legs and know how to close their eyes and mouth when under water. After spending 9 months in their mother womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, babies are really at ease in water. Baby swimmer lessons are a fun way get your infant accustom to water, by giving him a sense of relaxation and freedom.

Baby & Swimming



Stroller fitness classes or simply going out with your baby is an easy way to get back in shape. Indeed if you don’t have much time on your hand but love to be outside, to run or do your fitness exercises, those classes are perfect for you. Grab your workout clothes and go for a short run outside of your house. A blast of fresh air will help you clear your head and your baby will love seeing the world surrounding him. Also, some classes mix fitness exercises with power walks and stretching.

Most of those gym and fitness classes have strict safety rules for you and your baby’s health. Make sure to check with your doctor, after giving birth, before attending the classes!

Running with Baby