Moms-to-be and sports: What can you practice while pregnant?

Moms-to-be and sports: What can you practice while pregnant?

While you are pregnant, nothing says that you can't practice sports and exercises, however you need to be careful because you can't do everything. Everyone will tell you, exercising have multiple effects on your mind and body during those nine months. It helps reducing the stress, keeps your spirit high and it is the promise of spending a calm and relaxing moment.

Here is a list of our favorites. Shall we begin?



If you can, choose to walk instead of taking your car, when you have some free time.  Walking is an easy exercise, not too demanding for your knees and ankles and will keep you in good shape. To escort you during those walks, fall for our Sofia line. It will be your absolute partner during those walks!



Soft activity, swimming is one of the best sport to practice while pregnant. Indeed, it is great if you are looking to develop the muscles of your legs and arms. It will also make you forget the weight in your belly, for a moment, thanks to a sense of lightness you will feel during your time in the water. Our maternity swimwear Sunset is the best for swimming activities, with its integrated bra and racer back. Its little extra? The Dry Fast technology. This innovation makes the swimwear dry faster, as soon as pregnant women step out of the pool.

Sunset swimsuit


During the pregnancy, practicing yoga has several benefits. It helps having a better blood pressure, good muscular tonus and keep flexibility. However, be careful when doing the exercises and only work on your breathing as well as easy and simple positions. Fall for our maternity and nursing bra Illusion and maternity pants Serenity, to escort you to yoga classes and enhance your silhouette. The set will cocoon you in softness and is perfect for pregnant women’s morphology.



Soft gym

The soft gym can help you fight the everyday life pains you might fell during your pregnancy, like back pain, a feeling of heavy legs or rigidity in the body. It allows you to train every day and stay in shape without asking too much of your body. You can wear the maternity and nursing top and maternity legging from Illusion line, for comfort and a sense of second skin during your classes.

Illusion set